Simply Keeping My Commitment

I guess I am catching up from an emotional weekend, as I scraped myself out of bed at 10:00 this morning.  I managed to get caught up on some email and sort of cook dinner (tuna salad sandwiches and soup).  I helped my son with homework and here I am, at the end of the day, keeping my blogging commitment.  I still haven’t completely unpacked my suitcase, but I hope to get it done before bed.  Oh, and I need to take a shower… if I want to sleep in bed tonight.

Incidentally, I am taking part in a blogging challenge (which began today) to continue growing and improving my blog.  I said I was not going to share my goals publicly, but I am going to be getting those goals written down for myself tonight.  So you will hopefully notice some improvements in the next couple of weeks.  For tonight, I am simply keeping my commitment to write.





Writer’s Plight

As the day comes to a close,

I try to come up with some poetry or prose.

Trying to think of something witty,

but the words just aren’t there… it’s such a pity.

So I guess I’ll retire for the night…

get some much needed rest for this writer’s plight.

And tomorrow I will try again,

to come up with something interesting to pen.




Under the Wire

I am just getting around to my post today, and it is 11:21 P.M.  I don’t like putting things off until the last minute, but I am getting it done nonetheless.  I have not been able to get myself back into a routine, so I am flying by the seat of my pants most of the time.  This is very disconcerting for someone who used to be up at 4:00 A.M. so I could exercise for an hour and meditate before work.  Now I am lucky if I get both of these done on any given day.

The important thing today is that I kept my commitment to write.

Blogging and Mental Health

I’ve tried to keep my blog posts as positive as I possibly can since my accident back in November.  Unfortunately, the denial of my own fears and anxieties has only allowed them to incubate.  So it is likely I will posting some more transparent posts, at least for the next week.  I have been tasked with recording what I am actually thinking and feeling.  While I won’t do all of that here, I will be processing those thoughts and feelings so they will likely come out in my writing.

Part of the reason I blog in the first place is because it is therapeutic.  I respect and admire other bloggers who bare their souls on the page.  I feel their brutal honesty is as helpful to others as it is for themselves.  So as I embark on my journey into the belly of the beast, I am reminded of a couple of bloggers whose writings have been helpful to me.

When I first came back to blogging, I stumbled across  The tagline, “the incoherent ramblings of a mentally ill writer and blogger” is witty.  I assure you the blogger who refers to himself as “the Schizo” does anything but incoherently ramble.  He is open, honest, and gives voice to those, like himself, who struggle with mental illness.  He gives me the courage to say out loud that I am a person who struggles with anxiety and Acute Stress Disorder, and who is facing a possible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis.

More recently, I happened upon teddylee’sblog.  Teddy talks openly about abuse and it’s effects.  He openly processes his childhood out in blogosphere, for the whole world to read.  He speaks plainly and truthfully.  I cannot help but admire his bravery.  In spite of his childhood experiences, and seemingly rough exterior, he has a sweet spirit that comes through in his writing.  He gives me hope that I can let go of past experiences that haunt me.  He also reminds me that those past experiences have helped shape who I have become… and I am okay with that (I actually like who I am now).

So this week, as I begin to record those thoughts and feelings that I would much prefer to avoid, please forgive me in advance if some of it oozes out onto my blog.  Better yet, I hope someone out there will find it beneficial, just as I have found the two blogs mentioned here to be.

Blogging: Gateway to Books

As a result of writing daily, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to start that book.  (I actually have a few partially written books in my head, so I just need to get them “on paper” and completed.)  My daily posts aren’t enough to satisfy my writing addiction anymore.  So today’s post is brief, so I can begin working on my outline.  [There!  I said it.  Now I have to do it.]

Writer’s Hands, Part III

As a follow-up to “Writer’s Hands,” and “Writer’s Hands, Part II,” these were taken today.  The last in this series, “Writer’s Hands, Part IV,” will follow later this week.


This afternoon, prior to the pins being removed.

My son took this photograph just before I left for the hospital.  I removed the splint so you could see the pins.  (The stitches were removed two weeks ago.)


After pins were removed.

My husband took this photograph after we returned home this evening.  It’s the first time I’ve had my wedding rings on in 4 months.  (We actually drove home to get them before we went out to dinner.)

I still have some occupational therapy to do, and I have to sleep in a splint at night, but my hands are recovering.  I actually typed this with the three veteran typing fingers on my right hand, and my index finger and thumb on my left.  Now that’s progress!


Today I finished the process to obtain my coaching certification.   I am ecstatic, as this is something I have dreamed of and only recently had the intestinal fortitude to do.  I took what could have been a tragedy (traumatic injury) and used it to create something good (Alchemy-turning base metal into gold).    

Tomorrow, I embark on a journey I had begun 2 weeks before my accident in November.  I planned to optimize my health through an exercise and eating regimen that I abandoned when my accident prompted me to accept meals prepared by caring souls whom I would not ask to meet all of my dietary needs (although they did a great job of keeping me Gluten free).  It is time to reinstate my transformation.

I am also happy to celebrate my son-in-law’s 24th birthday.  He and my daughter dated for several years before they married in November of 2012.  I have watched him grow from an unsure teenager to an admirable young man that I am grateful to have as my daughter’s helpmeet.  (My oldest son’s birthday was on Wednesday, making it a week full of celebrations.)   

To top the day off, today I was asked to write for an organization I support.  I nonchalantly shared my experience with them, and later they asked me if would share my story.  I am finally beginning to feel like a real writer, even though I know the only thing necessary for me to be a writer is that I write.   



Connecting in the Blogosphere

I had a different post planned than the one you are now reading.  I have spent some time today reading the writing of fellow bloggers, as I do most every day.  It occurred to me that I have gained as much from reading other blogs, as I have from writing my own. 

I follow several blogs of differing subject matter.  Some of the topics I would not have sought out, but another blogger recommended the read.  Sometimes I am led to other bloggers’ sites because they make compelling comments on something else I am reading.  At any rate, my horizons are forever broadening.

Even more than reading the work of other bloggers, I have enjoyed connecting with them.  I have quoted writers whom I respect and whose work inspires me.  I have had some “moments” with other bloggers in the form of shared experiences, stimulating discussions, and giving and receiving sincere compliments.  So while I began writing for a variety of reasons, the gratification I get from connecting with other bloggers was a bit of serendipity.   

Happy Anniversary to Me!


Celebrating 2 Years of Blogging

Today I am celebrating 2 years of blogging on WordPress.  When I received my anniversary “award” today, it made me think of my blogging path.  I started my original blog 2 years ago, wrote one post, and didn’t post again for nearly a year (6 days shy to be exact).  

When I began writing again, I posted nearly every day for 2 months.  I had a buddy who kept me accountable, which I have found is an excellent way to support myself in meeting a goal.  Even though I was blogging, I was keeping it private.  My husband said that’s a diary.  (For those of you who read my blog, I apologize for repeating that line so many times… but it makes me laugh.)

Eight months later, I made another writing agreement and enlisted a third force (this time it is a Yearlong Agreement Group) to hold me accountable.  I began this year with a more ambitious goal… to write every day this year.  I am adding the discipline of posting my writing onto my blog.  So far I have kept my agreement.  In fact, I started two days early.  

In these first 7 weeks of 2014 I have accomplished more than I had in the previous 22 months.  I joined the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge.  It helped me make lots of improvements to my blog (including linking to my Facebook page) in just one month.  It also helped me connect with the blogging community, which has been invaluable.  

I added Wisdom Wednesday to my format.  Every Wednesday, I share a quote that inspires me.  I also joined the Phoneography Challenge: Your Phone as Your Lens to break up the monotony a bit.  For this challenge, there are different subjects for each Monday of the month.  I am enjoying it even more than I thought I would.  

In the future, this blog will be connected with my coaching practice and will be an access point for my first e-book (hopefully before my third anniversary).  In the meantime I want to wish a Happy Anniversary to me!  

The Ultimate

Today’s prompt on the WordPress Daily Post is Money for Nothing. It is essentially asking bloggers to describe their ultimate job.

I only respond to these prompts occasionally, but this one really struck a chord with me. In fact, my sole purpose for beginning this blog was to begin working toward my ultimate job. My blogs’s title, Help Along the Path, is what I see as my life’s purpose. My current job fulfills this purpose to a degree. But the prompt asks to describe our ultimate job.

In my ultimate job, I help others realize their dreams by walking alongside them as they overcome obstacles, such as fear or a feeling of being stuck. By helping my clients discover what they really want, assisting them in designing a plan of action, and holding them accountable, I help them reach goals they didn’t initially think they could.

As I begin working toward my ultimate job, a full-time career as an Elite Life Coach, I am utilizing the same process I will use with my clients. I’ve already clarified what I want. I have devised a plan of action, and I am putting it into place. Friends are holding me accountable to agreements I’ve made with myself (one of which is posting on this blog daily).

As I embark on this journey, I look forward to the day when I have the freedom that being self-employed affords. (And I have been self-employed, so I understand what this really means.) I also look forward to watching others achieve their wildest dreams… and helping them along the path.