Starting Over… Again

I am preparing to make a daily writing agreement, so I decided to look up the blog I started last year.  I had forgotten that I started the next thing is you nearly one year ago (6 days shy, to be exact).  I couldn’t even remember my WordPress password because  I wrote a sum total of one post… and (of course) kept it private.

I began that first blog as a response to a comment made by a close friend, while we were discussing what my next possible “path” might be.  This friend and I spent many hours over several years talking about all things spiritual, philosophical, and sometimes trivial.  I had spent many years actively looking at my life and using what I learned to grow.  As I was pondering what the next leg of my journey might look like, I remarked, “I wonder what the next thing is for me.”  My friend replied, “Maybe the next thing is you.”  I knew her well enough to guess that she meant it might be time for me to focus less on learning and more on sharing my experience.

I stepped onto this path a year ago and almost immediately let fear stop me in my tracks.  Interestingly enough,  the majority of my life’s work has involved working through fear.  So, now it is time to complete the task I started.  This is my attempt to “punch fear in the face,” as Jon Acuff puts it.

I decided to create a new blog, calling it Help Along the Path, because this is my purpose in life.

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