Today I was thinking about broken things… broken hearts, broken relationships, broken bodies.  My step-father’s body (specifically his heart) is broken.  He had triple bypass surgery today.  I watched him struggling with post operative pain and to breathe. 

I was transported back to October of 2011 as I watched my dad leave his body.  His body was broken from lung cancer.  Many of his relationships were broken (although he was well-loved by many).  He had led a sedentary lifestyle, smoked for many years, and was an alcoholic for several.  I am grateful that he was sober for over 20 years when he finally left this world.  He had also been an workaholic, when he lost his job (and purpose) at 68.    

My step-father’s body was broken from COPD and a heart attack, resulting from years of abusing his own body with cigarettes, stress, and alcohol.  Most of his primary relationships are broken.  At 60 years of age, he has the body of a much older man.  He admits he is afraid he won’t wake up and that he is afraid to die alone (which reminds me how grateful I am that my own dad died while I was holding his hand).   

Being broken brings wisdom and gratitude if we are lucky enough to be healed so that we have time left to experience them.

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