Dada’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of my oldest son, Joshua.  Those who are closest to him call him Dada (dah duh).  My daughter, Alex (18 months younger), couldn’t say Joshua, so she called him “Dah doo uh.” She eventually shortened it to Dada, which he has been called since then.  

Dada is 24 today.  He was at work and I wanted to take him a card and wish him “happy birthday.”    By the time we got to Harbor Freight it was closed.  So my husband and my two younger sons fist bumped him through the window.  I slipped his card between the front doors and we kissed each other through the glass.  I had to laugh because it was so typical of our family.  My husband threatened to share the secondhand aroma of the chili he had eaten earlier.  (We actually had come from a Boy Scout, Court of Honor, Chili Cook-Off where we had won second place… not too shabby since it was my husband’s first attempt at chili.  Of course, I set everything out and told him to have my son, the Boy Scout, to make it while I was at work.  When Bailey didn’t get it done by lunch time, my husband cooked it himself.)

Anyway, back to Dada.  He is going to be a father soon.  The baby, Aurelia Faith, is due March 14th.  I can remember when I used to lay with my firstborn on the twin bed in his room, mesmerized by him.  I can’t believe that infant has become a man, and will soon have his own child. 

This comes less than two years after my father’s passing and soon after my step-father’s triple bypass surgery (as he also fights COPD), which was performed yesterday.  On top of that, my mother’s brother, Jack, is only expected to live a couple of weeks, as he is losing his battle with cancer.  He is only my age.  The cycle of birth, growth, maturity, and death is vividly apparent in my life.  It is reminding me to be grateful for where I am today, in this moment.  Life is good. 

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