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On Being a Grandma


We went with Sarah and Dada to tour the hospital where she is going to deliver the baby tonight.  Sarah and I both talked about what a large group we will probably have at the hospital.  I’m really happy to have such a close family.  And I am looking forward to being a Grandma.  It will feel so good to have a baby in my arms again.  I sometimes wonder if something is wrong with me because I was never really interested in holding other people’s babies, but I couldn’t get enough of my own.  I’m anticipating the feel of peach fuzz on a soft scalp under my chin.  I imagine the bond with my son will be even stronger than before.  On a funny note, Sarah told me that her mother just realized that she is going to have to share the baby with me.    

I will strive to be the kind of Grandma that simply accepts and loves, just like my Grandma Marcella.  

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