Home Reflection

I hosted a meeting at 7:30 this morning at my house.  It felt good to have a suitable place to do this.  It hasn’t always been this way.  I have lived in places that were so dilapidated that I would have been embarrassed to host anything.  I have also struggled with clutter in the past, so having people over was challenging because it took lots of time to get the house presentable.  As one self-help guru puts it, I had CHAOS – “can’t have anyone over syndrome.”  Today my house isn’t perfect, but it is usually fairly clean and almost always presentable.  When it isn’t, it never takes long to get it this way. 

The inner work I have done on myself has created a prosperous, clean, and organized outer life.  I know people whose homes are immaculate, and their lives are miserable.  They are trying to control the circumstances of their life.  Although this may improve the appearance of a house, it will not improve the inner life.  Only when I took care of what was going on in my heart and mind was I able to make any lasting changes to the way I conducted my day to day life.  The result is that my home reflects that all is well within me.


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