Organized Chaos

I teach.  My subject matter is math.  My students are 7th graders.  I was observed by my principal today.  It was an unannounced visit.  Although I had the typical rush of adrenaline when I realized he was going to “hang out” for awhile, I decided the only thing to do was to be myself and do what I do.  So my boss got to see some organized chaos.  Kids were doing different things at different paces.  Some were on computers, some were working on practice book assignments, and some were taking a quiz.  Some worked alone, some in a group.  Some talked and some were quiet.  One was a student from another classroom, serving an isolation period in my room.  One of my students was doing the same in another room and came to get more work from me.  At times, I had to reprimand students.  At others, I corrected student errors.  (At times, they corrected me.)  Sometimes we laughed.  (Sometimes hard.)  All the while, learning was taking place.  Among the organized chaos, some students still struggled with multiplication and division, some figured the probability of drawing a white marble from a bag, and others navigated computer software.  All of them knew I was there to help them along the path… or at least, I hope they did. 

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