Lifestyle Change

I saw an alternative doctor today.  He confirmed my Hashimoto’s disease and told me I need to be on a gluten free diet.  Luckily, I have experience with lifestyle change.  I have been trying to find that right types of food for me for years.  I think I am finally getting somewhere.  I went to … More Lifestyle Change



I went to a workshop tonight to see an alternative doctor who I am hoping can help me manage my hypothyroidism.  The workshop was primarily about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and included other related topics.  My oldest son went with me.  He was diagnosed with thyroid problems a few years ago and has some other health issues.  … More Alternatives


My life is full.  I am happy about this.  I met with a potential tutoring student tonight, after a full day of work and cooking dinner.  I am working on this post and then will call my accountability partner to let her know I completed it.  Tomorrow night I am attending a workshop for people … More Full

Dreams and Taxes

Last night my ex-husband (#2) called me and asked if I was still into interpreting dreams.  I have always had an interest in dreams and keep books on the subject, referring to them when I can’t figure out what a particular dream means.  I told him that I was and he proceeded to tell me … More Dreams and Taxes

My Temple

For several years I have struggled with symptoms that I now recognize as those of hypothyroidism.  It took some extreme circumstances to get me to insist my doctor test my hormone levels.  After several months of minor improvement, I began to push the issue more.  She finally tested me for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  It took two … More My Temple


There is something about moving that lifts my spirits, even when I’m not the one moving.  My daughter and her husband are moving from an apartment to a house.  Her younger brother and I went to help clean the new place and move in the furniture.  Cleaning and moving in personal belongings shifts the energy … More Moving


I think the quality that has brought me to where I am today is willingness.  I have noticed that the people that complain most about their circumstances are often the ones who are least willing to do anything about it, or even to look at their circumstances from a different point of view.  Because I … More Willingness


Wow!  This agreeing to write everyday can sometimes be quite difficult.  I never seem to have a lack of things to say, yet when confronted with the blank screen…  I often forget all the things that have been floating around in my head all day.  (I know I should write them down, but while teaching … More Discipline


Ironically, I have had a shift regarding my job.  The primary purpose for starting this blog was to set the stage for me to become self employed.  The past few days I have felt good about what I do… not because the job is any different, but because my perspective is.  This is what I … More Shift