Not To Worry…

My son’s girlfriend (the soon-to-be mother of my first grandchild) went to the hospital tonight because she is having symptoms of cholestasis.  They gave her a blood test, but won’t have results until Monday.  In the meantime, we are all sitting on pins and needles, hoping everything will be okay.  I remember always being concerned about my babies’ well-being, even with healthy pregnancies.  In this case, the mother already has health issues.  The doctors are also saying the baby could be 10 pounds by the time she is born.  They do not want to induce the mother because her cervix is not dilated.  Well I’m certainly no expert, but I have had 4 children.  My first pregnancy went 2 weeks past my due date and I was in hard labor for 36 hours because my cervix would not soften.  My 3 subsequent pregnancies were all overdue and involved the use of prostaglandin, which enabled the dilation of my cervix. My fourth pregnancy ended with a 24 hour labor and little unassisted dilation.

Anyway, I recognize that I am allowing my mind to run wild with this situation.  I am glad I have been listening to Eckart Tolle lately.  I am reminding myself to recognize that, although I am concerned, I do not have to allow myself to be consumed by these circumstances.  I cannot do anything to directly affect the outcome.  What I can do is remain present.  I can take each moment as it comes.  I will not waste emotional energy worrying.  I will meditate on the well being of mother and child.  I will be support for my son as he experiences this new dynamic in his life, namely the love and concern for your child.  I will prepare for the arrival of my first grandchild.     

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