My husband and I had an appointment with our CPA to have our taxes prepared this afternoon.  Although we own a business, I am employed full time as a teacher.  I hold a service position to a group of which I am a member.  I also am undergoing chiropractic treatment for spinal subluxation a couple of evenings a week.  Additionally, I am assisting with a seminar and a summer camp (both require weekly meetings, daily tasks which must be completed, weekday phone calls, and weekend social media postings). 

Tonight I bowed out of a meeting, cancelled an appointment with my chiropractor, and ordered pizza rather than cooking dinner.  After having our taxes filed, we placed our pizza order, and I settled in to post grades in my online grade book.  At around 10:30, I had to get up and move to avoid falling asleep in front of the computer.  I folded some clothes, threw a load in the dryer, and started another load.  (I ate some frozen yogurt too.)  Then it dawned on me that I had not posted here yet today.  I made an agreement to do it every day until April11 and I want to keep my word to myself. 

Anyway, I say all that to say I push myself a lot.  Some people are critical of this.  They think I do too much.  This may or may not be true.  The truth is, I love to be busy.  I just have to step back once in awhile and reevaluate what I am doing.  And I am not willing to give up the things I Iove in order to fit the must-do’s into my schedule.  So I will continue to push.  I must if I want to have time for motorcycle riding, singing, crocheting that blanket for my soon-to-be granddaughter, writing this blog, working in my yard, exercising, reading, entertaining, going to that Bon Jovi concert Wednesday night with my hubby, Sunday afternoon lunches with the family, etc., etc., etc.

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