As I held my little Aurelia today, I remembered how much I love her father, my oldest son.  I get caught up in worrying about him and forget to just love him. I did send him a text message later telling him that being with his baby girl reminds me how I used to love taking care of him when he was little and that I love him.  He handles stuff like that very well these days.

My daughter and her husband, both 22, came over this afternoon for lunch.  I popped some better than average frozen pizza into the oven.  They brought chips and salsa.  I also put out cream cheese with a raspberry chipotle sauce and crackers.  We ate lunch, then sat down in front of the television (which I almost never do).  The three of us fell asleep.  I told her later that it was nice napping together. 

My 16-year-old son helped unload some furniture from a pickup truck and took some trash to the dumpster for his brother.  He is always willing to help and has a strong work ethic (even if he doesn’t take it to school with him).  I am proud of who he is becoming.

My youngest has a few more obstacles to overcome than most of us, yet he usually has a sunny disposition.  He needs more help from others than most kids his age, but he is sensitive and puts forth his best effort in most of his endeavors.  He bonded more with his father when young and it was hard for me.  Now he bear hugs me, kisses me, and tells me he loves me.

My dad used to tell me, “I love you more than you will ever know.”  (He says he got it from me… I don’t remember that.)

My mom asked me to go to lunch with her on Thursday or Friday. 

My husband is a true partner.  He walks beside me most of the time but when I am weak he leads.  Of course, I do the same for him.

  I am grateful for all the love in my life.  In addition to my immediate family, I have friends, coworkers, church family, extended family, and so many other people that show me love.  I can only strive to show love whenever possible… which should be all the time.

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