Morning Pages

I have been struggling to get my writing done late in the evening.  After saying it out loud to my accountability partner, I am writing in the morning.  This really is my preference, and I haven’t been willing to get up early enough to get it in before I leave in the morning (between 6:40AM & 7:00AM).  I have been on spring break and have still been getting up at 5:30, but that simply isn’t early enough.  I committed to writing in the morning these last few days of my break, just to move the activity into the morning.  I will make it earlier tomorrow (it is 7:45AM now), with the ultimate goal of getting it started by 5:00AM for next week.  

I titled this post “Morning Pages” because I used to write 3 pages every morning, as per Julia Cameron’s suggestion in Artist’s Way.  I was part of an Artist’s Way group for awhile and that got me in touch with the therapeutic value of writing.  While the purpose of moving my writing to the morning was that I would be able to stay awake and be more creative, I am simply using today’s writing more like Morning Pages.  These three pages in the morning are meant to be a brain drain.  Today I am emptying my head to some degree, but I am also setting the mental stage for myself.  

Hopefully, the continued practice of writing daily will help me get to something meaningful to others.  The whole process has been meaningful to me.

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