I said I was going to do this for a few months before I made it public.  I realized after I had accidentally published a few posts, that nobody was reading them anyway.  Jon Acuff talks about giving yourself permission to be horrible when you start something new.  I’ve heard this other places, but having attended his book launch recently, Acuff’s words are fresh in my mind.  I am okay with not being great… and even with being no good.  What I am NOT okay with, is continuing not to do it.  I am willing to expose myself and feel vulnerable, as uncomfortable as it may be.  I am grateful that I made this agreement.  Otherwise I would still be thinking about it… maybe even talking about it…. but certainly not doing it.  My “next thing is you” blog is evidence.  So whatever you are afraid to do today… do it.  After you get through the initial fear and discomfort, it feels so good!  To use Acuff’s words, “Punch fear in the face!”

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