What DO you want?

A friend was asking advice to help her kick a bad habit today.  Another friend gave her a suggestion that may possibly help her.  As I was reading their exchange, it reminded me of something I learned early in my journey.  I must confess that I initially learned it intellectually… which is, in itself, useless.  I did eventually learn on an experiential level, that when you put your order in to the Universe, it does not hear the negative words.  For example, “I do not want to be late for work.”  You process, “I want to be late for work.”  I have learned to say, instead, “I will be on time (or early) for work.”  With habits, rather than focusing on the activity you don’t want, focus on the desirable habit you want to begin.  Instead of wanting to lose weight, engage in activities that will naturally promote weight loss.    When you focus on what you DO want, you are more likely to get it… and more quickly.

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