Wow!  This agreeing to write everyday can sometimes be quite difficult.  I never seem to have a lack of things to say, yet when confronted with the blank screen…  I often forget all the things that have been floating around in my head all day.  (I know I should write them down, but while teaching classes I am not often in a position to stop and write my thoughts down on paper.) 

I often begin routines with enthusiasm, keep them consistently for awhile, and then go into autopilot (keeping the agreement, but sort of just going through the motions).  When it becomes drudgery, I let it drift away.  To keep something on my plate for very long requires real discipline.  I am not a linear person, nor am I naturally organized.  I enjoy organizing, but have more difficulty staying organized.  So I spend lots of time with people who help me stay accountable.  This is what keeps me moving toward my goals in life.  On my own, I would not do it.  With the support of others, I am a much more disciplined person and I accomplish a great deal. 

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