My Temple

For several years I have struggled with symptoms that I now recognize as those of hypothyroidism.  It took some extreme circumstances to get me to insist my doctor test my hormone levels.  After several months of minor improvement, I began to push the issue more.  She finally tested me for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  It took two weeks of the results sitting on the doctor’s desk before I finally got the nurse to post my lab results on the online site used by the practice so I could see them myself.  I wasn’t surprised that my thyroid peroxidase antibody level was grossly elevated.  This is an indicator that my body is attacking its own thyroid.  My thyroglobulin antibody level was somewhat elevated as well, another sign that my body is waging war on itself.   I am learning as I mature that I must take ownership of my body’s health and functioning.  I have been complaining about various symptoms over the years and then accepting what doctors say as truth.  I have educated myself in thyroid function (and dysfunction), chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, and psychological issues related to thyroid conditions.  Now  I am able to insist on tests I feel are necessary, request specific medicines, and ask for dosage increases if needed.  I can manage this disease with exercise, diet, and supplements.  I am only able to do this because I am not relying on doctors to help me gain and maintain optimal health, nor am I waiting around for them to diagnose disease. After all, it is my body… my temple.

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