My life is full.  I am happy about this.  I met with a potential tutoring student tonight, after a full day of work and cooking dinner.  I am working on this post and then will call my accountability partner to let her know I completed it.  Tomorrow night I am attending a workshop for people with thyroid problems.  That of course will be after work and a chiropractor appointment.  Friday night is rehearsal for the Easter choir.  Saturday I have a meeting at 7:30AM in preparation for a seminar for which I will be assisting next month.  Later that day I will be cooking for Easter dinner.  Then on Sunday, I will have rehearsal around 7:00AM and will sing at the 9:00AM and 10:30AM services.   Afterward we will go to my daughter’s house and cook for our family dinner. 

This seems like a typical holiday week, and most of my weeks are quite similar.  I hear people complain about how busy they are (and yes, I even do it on a rare occasion), and I am happy to have such a full life.  When I leave this world, I will truly be used up.

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