I went to a workshop tonight to see an alternative doctor who I am hoping can help me manage my hypothyroidism.  The workshop was primarily about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and included other related topics.  My oldest son went with me.  He was diagnosed with thyroid problems a few years ago and has some other health issues.  I was thinking about how often we do what we know to solve problems rather than seeking out alternatives. 

My son and I got into a funny conversation about sandwiches.  We both see them as a sort of “cop out,” as opposed to eating real food.  (I’m talking about the quickie lunch meat on heavily refined bread.)   It’s a choice.  I can put something in my body because it is good for me, or I can put just anything in to satisfy my hunger (or boredom) and to fulfill my need for convenience.  It is a choice.

At the beginning of the school year a sponsor asked me to name  something I needed for my classroom.  I had a choice here as well.  I could ask for something that would be helpful or I could be bold and ask for something that would really make a difference.  I have old desks that aren’t conducive to group work.  I wanted round tables, but then I would also need chairs.  The total cost was over $3000.  The tables have already been delivered and the chairs will be at school tomorrow.  I could have kept quiet .  I’m glad I chose the alternative – to dream big.

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