I said I was going to do this for a few months before I made it public.  I realized after I had accidentally published a few posts, that nobody was reading them anyway.  Jon Acuff talks about giving yourself permission to be horrible when you start something new.  I’ve heard this other places, but having … More Exposed


What DO you want?

A friend was asking advice to help her kick a bad habit today.  Another friend gave her a suggestion that may possibly help her.  As I was reading their exchange, it reminded me of something I learned early in my journey.  I must confess that I initially learned it intellectually… which is, in itself, useless.  … More What DO you want?

Beautiful Life

I was just talking today about the deaths, birth, car acccidents, surgery, and other events that have filled my days in the past couple of weeks.  As I thought about all of these events, I remembered talking to my dad once, complaining to him that I felt I was just living from crisis to crisis.  … More Beautiful Life

Good Night, Zander

My brother’s dog, Zander, died in the predawn hours off this morning.  Zander was a greyhound and was rescued by my brother 11 years ago.  He was 14 and likely had cancer, and yet probably died of old age.  This dog was my brother’s anchor.  He saw my brother through some dark times.  After finding … More Good Night, Zander


No, that wasn’t a typo… I’m talking about tying up loose ends, finishing things.  Completes leave me with a sense of relief.  They silence my brain chatter.  Today I wrapped up my records for the quarter.  I have had this nagging sensation all week because I am coming upon a hard deadline.  I wasn’t fully … More Completes


Habits are much harder to start than they are to continue.  I am writing this post at 10:45 PM.  I will begin again tomorrow to move my wrriting to the morning.   Then I will be alert and can formulate a complete thought.  Until tomorrow…

Morning Pages

I have been struggling to get my writing done late in the evening.  After saying it out loud to my accountability partner, I am writing in the morning.  This really is my preference, and I haven’t been willing to get up early enough to get it in before I leave in the morning (between 6:40AM … More Morning Pages


As I held my little Aurelia today, I remembered how much I love her father, my oldest son.  I get caught up in worrying about him and forget to just love him. I did send him a text message later telling him that being with his baby girl reminds me how I used to love … More Love


It is 11:15PM and I am still working on school stuff… and it is the first weekday of my spring break!  I have been so far behind at work lately… with my step-father having a heart attack and triple bypass surgery,  one of my sons hydroplaning his car into a retaining wall on the interstate … More Workaholic


I am sitting in front of my laptop, waiting for words to form in my head.  During the course of the day, I think of all sorts of things about which to write.  Then at the end of the day, when I am tired, I sit in front of the blank screen in a fog.  … More Blank