Ask and You Shall Receive

I am grateful that tomorrow I get to host a celebration for donors that purchased tables and chairs for my classroom.  When my sponsors asked me what I would like for my classroom, I decided I should take the opportunity to ask for what I really wanted.  The worst thing that could have happened is … More Ask and You Shall Receive



Several things happened today that made me think about how unconscious we humans can be.  Just of couple of these follow. An acquaintance of mine made a decision that very likely cost her career, at the very least.  Students at my son’s school don’t “get him” because he is a little quirky, so they moan … More Bummed

Bit by Bit

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.  Okay, if I tell the truth, I ALWAYS have a lot on my plate.  When live becomes unmanageable, as it periodically does, I have a strategy for dealing with it and for getting things back under control.  I simply don’t try to accomplish more than I realistically … More Bit by Bit


What a precious gift!  People who are struggling forget that none of us are getting out alive.  Life is terminal. Enjoy it while you can


Having had a rough day at school yesterday, I decided to revisit my expectations for my students today.  We spend a lot of time dealing with this the first couple of weeks of school and again after the winter break.  I did not think it would be necessary just after spring break, but I was … More Expectations


I have an agreement to abstain from alcohol beginning tonight at 7:00 PM.  Generally I can take or leave an alcoholic beverage, but the human mind is a funny thing.  Last night I enjoyed some gluten free beer, thinking I should do it since I couldn’t drink for a week.  Some weeks I don’t drink … More Rules


Someone close to me had a falling out with a family member.  After some time apart, the two were able to restore the relationship.  One of them learned to “let go” of the outcome, and the other had “grown up” and now realized he didn’t know everything necessary to have made the judgements he had … More Relationship

Go Get ’em

Tonight I went to a prayer gathering and celebration of the life of our pastor who died one year ago today.  He was only 58 and seemed to be vibrantly healthy.   He simply did not wake up one morning. He spoke a lot about pushing through your fears.  I guess that’s why I kept going … More Go Get ’em

Gluten Free

I can’t remember whether I mentioned that I have to go gluten free due to Hashimoto’s disease.  So I have been figuring out what is okay to eat and what isn’t.  Sticking to fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats seems easy enough.  What is more difficult is remembering to check anything that is packaged for any … More Gluten Free