Gluten Free

I can’t remember whether I mentioned that I have to go gluten free due to Hashimoto’s disease.  So I have been figuring out what is okay to eat and what isn’t.  Sticking to fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats seems easy enough.  What is more difficult is remembering to check anything that is packaged for any signs of possible gluten.  I called a company today to ask them if one of their products is gluten free and they could not tell me.  If they don’t even know, I’m not taking a chance. 

Well, this promises to be an adventure!  I am encouraged by all the people in the internet that are sharing what they’ve learned the hard way, so others of us don’t have to.  Maybe I can give some help to someone else along their path to living gluten free.  (Gotta figure it out myself first!) 

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