Help Along the Path



Someone close to me had a falling out with a family member.  After some time apart, the two were able to restore the relationship.  One of them learned to “let go” of the outcome, and the other had “grown up” and now realized he didn’t know everything necessary to have made the judgements he had made.  This was a happy ending to an ugly situation.

The even happier outcome came today.  A situation arose, not between the two, but among some other family members.  It promised to be a difficult situation.  The one who had learned to “let go” was transparent with all parties, including the one who had “grown up.”  He was fearful of the consequences, yet felt it was the right thing to do.  When the two were later able to talk alone, the one who had “grown up” demonstrated just how far he had come.  He respectfully said it was a matter they did not need to discuss and so they continued on with a friendly conversation (that, in the past, would have turned into an insulting, blaming argument).  Being able to let go of an outcome allowed a man to take a necessary stand, while a grown up son accepted that he was not entitled to anything and did not need to be involved in a discussion regarding something in which he really had no say.  The best part is that they were able to quickly let go of the conversation and move forward in a relationship that they had already worked so hard to heal. 

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