I have an agreement to abstain from alcohol beginning tonight at 7:00 PM.  Generally I can take or leave an alcoholic beverage, but the human mind is a funny thing.  Last night I enjoyed some gluten free beer, thinking I should do it since I couldn’t drink for a week.  Some weeks I don’t drink alcohol at all, so this isn’t normally a big deal.  But our program hates rules.  Even those who are generally compliant secretly desire to break rules.  I only say this because many people have confessed it to me.  So here it is, 13 minutes before my agreement begins and I am drinking my second hard cider since I arrived home from work.  I am watching the clock to be sure I finish it before my agreement begins.  I am also having a chuckle at my passive-aggressive rebellion.

To make the whole thing even more comical, I went to a local grocery that doesn’t carry all the hip new gluten free products, so I looked to see what was available.  I happened upon a hard cider that I am enjoying quite a lot.  I’m not particularly happy about the 210 calories it is costing per bottle, or the 30 grams of carbs, but the crisp apple taste is wonderful.  As I finish this post and cider, I am reminded of how funny we humans are when we try to push right up to the edge of the rules.

(… just finished my cider with 5 minutes to spare.)

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