Having had a rough day at school yesterday, I decided to revisit my expectations for my students today.  We spend a lot of time dealing with this the first couple of weeks of school and again after the winter break.  I did not think it would be necessary just after spring break, but I was wrong.  So I was very explicit about what I expected of my students and what the consequences for violating those expectations would be.  I did not have to raise my voice or do anything more than state what behaviors would not be tolerated, what consequences would come with infractions, and what would happen if students did not comply with the consequence.  It was a very pleasant day.  Students do well with predictable boundaries.

In my own life, I am the student and teacher.  I set boundaries and goals.  I make action plans and agreements.  Sometimes I impose consequences (positive and negative) for my behavior, though natural consequences are usually enough.  To help me, I enlist accountability partners and goal groups.  These people support me in keeping my word to myself.  At the end of the day, I feel good because I have clear expectations for myself, I follow them, or suffer a consequence if I do not.  (Adults do well with predictable boundaries too.) 

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