Bit by Bit

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.  Okay, if I tell the truth, I ALWAYS have a lot on my plate. 

When live becomes unmanageable, as it periodically does, I have a strategy for dealing with it and for getting things back under control.  I simply don’t try to accomplish more than I realistically can in the amount of time given.  I do challenge myself, yet I set goals that are attainable.  For example, my kitchen table had become a mountain of paper over the last couple of weeks.  Rather than try to clean it up all at once, or procrastinate and do nothing, I’ve found a happy medium.  I do things bit-by-bit.  I take enough time to clear a space in which to work, and then I divide my task into doable segments.  Tonight I separated all the papers on my table into groups (work, filing, personal, my son’s school papers, etc.).  I placed work papers in a box lid near my briefcase.  My personal papers went into a binder I use for papers that are relevant at the present moment.  I created another box for papers to carry upstairs so I could file them.  When I got the papers into manageable piles and  threw away papers that were no longer needed, I cleaned the table surface, changed placemats, and put some fresh cut flowers into a vase on the table.  Now I have cleared the space enough that I can think.  I commit to working on my paper pile daily for 15 minutes or more.  By committing to a doable daily task, I am reducing the stress that comes with trying to tackle too much at once, and I am sure the job will get done… bit by bit.



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