The Changing Path

Here it is January 1, 2014.  I did not do the things I might have done on any other given New Year’s Day.  Since I cannot bear weight on my left leg, I am unable to walk without the use of a walker.  I was hit by a school bus while walking to my car the afternoon of November 5, 2013.  This event has changed my life in many ways… not all of them negative.

I am very goal driven and a bit of a self-improvement junkie.  So, soon after my accident I began thinking about the trajectory of my life and how my injuries would change it.  At the very least, my plans would only be delayed.  However, I recognized that I could use this trauma as leverage to change my direction in a way that I could realize my long-term goals sooner.  If I wanted, I could even drastically alter my plans. 

I spent the past few weeks preparing myself for the coming new year. I have read a few books, signed up for a self-help webinar, and participated in a class for trauma survivors. I’ve also attended individual counseling sessions, committed to an agreement I will keep for the year, and enlisted support to help me keep it. In addition to this, I signed up for The Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge here on WordPress. I am committed to writing every day, although it may not always be here. At any rate, I will be posting regularly. Ultimately, I hope something I say will occasionally provide someone “Help Along the Path.”

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