Jeans and Normalcy

As I write this post, I am preparing to attend a “post holiday” party.  It is one of my first social outings since an accident that left me unable to walk on my own for a few months.  I am still using a walker. 

Since my accident, I have worn nothing but pajamas and sweats.  I would not have been caught dead in sweats before the accident, but with multiple broken bones, bruises, and lacerations, it was the only thing I could wear comfortably. 

Today I decided to try jeans.  I wasn’t sure I could get them on or sit down in them, as I have a scar on my right knee that is both thick and tender.  As it turns out, the jeans feel fine, and they are even a bit looser than before. 

So I put on a red sweater and the silver filgree drop earrings my daughter gave me for Christmas.  My husband blew my hair dry (which he started doing when my shoulder was separated and 9 of my ribs were broken).  

When I am finished here,  I will put on some makeup, which I have only worn a few times since landing myself in the trauma unit.  (I knew I needed to get my writing in BEFORE a party where red wine would be present.) 

As I prepare to go celebrate the new year with friends, the thought that has been going through my mind is that things like makeup, parties, and jeans are gradually giving me back a sense of normalcy.  I think I’ll wear jeans again tomorrow.          

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