Nothing Profound

MaryTake2As I was looking for an image to complement today’s post, I found this picture of me in the hospital. It was only taken 2 months ago, yet it seems so long ago. I suffered multiple broken bones, a separated shoulder, and a laundry list of other injuries. Ironically, these injuries are the reason I have time to blog.

I have been keeping a running list of topics that I hope to develop into introspective, inspirational, or witty posts. But today, when I saw this image of myself, I decided not to attempt writing anything profound.

I am alive. I will walk again (and run). And this blog has been an important part of my healing process.

I am having hand surgery next week, so blogging will be a bit of a physical challenge. But I will do it… even if I have to get hubby to do the typing. (Did I really say that?)

7 thoughts on “Nothing Profound

  1. Mary, I find it amusing that you would name this post ‘Nothing Profound’.

    Finding the strength and depth to fly in the face of mind’s insistent determination to ‘write every day’, and instead giving your attention to deeper reflection and contemplation is deeply profound. Congratulations!

    Your life’s current metaphor — being hit by a bus — reminds me of an old favorite film, The Lake House. It’s a sweet, but deep exploration of some things most people are uncomfortable considering. You might enjoy it, if you haven’t seen it. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock at their best.

    From my perspective, there is nothing ironic about your experience and the gift it’s affording you, at all. Milk it for all it’s worth!

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