Help Along the Path

Nothing Profound


As I was looking for an image to complement today’s post, I found this picture of me in the hospital. It was only taken 2 months ago, yet it seems so long ago. I suffered multiple broken bones, a separated shoulder, and a laundry list of other injuries. Ironically, these injuries are the reason I have time to blog.

I have been keeping a running list of topics that I hope to develop into introspective, inspirational, or witty posts. But today, when I saw this image of myself, I decided not to attempt writing anything profound.

I am alive. I will walk again (and run). And this blog has been an important part of my healing process.

I am having hand surgery next week, so blogging will be a bit of a physical challenge. But I will do it… even if I have to get hubby to do the typing. (Did I really say that?)

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