The Trinity


My pastor asked me to explain the Trinity in a children’s “sermon” one Sunday several years ago. To make the lesson concrete for young minds, I stood in front of the altar between my mother and one of my own children. I explained that although I was their Sunday school teacher (standing front and center to call their attention to me), I was also a daughter and a mother. As I described each of my roles, I stood, first by my mother on the right, then by my daughter on the left to emphasize the differing aspects of myself. Far from a theologically sound explanation of the Trinity, it is a way to help children begin to think about, if not understand one of Christianity’s mysteries.

My spiritual path has taken me away from the doctrine of the Christian religion, although I hold fast to the tenets common to most faiths. Most of the spiritual practices in my life are often what most would call secular activities. Communion being a meal with my family, confession a heartfelt talk with friend, and last rites holding my father’s hand as he breathes his last breath.

This photograph was taken November 3, 2012. The woman on the left is my mother. The beautiful bride in the middle is my daughter. I am on the right. I love this picture. It reminds me of the trinities of life. Beginnings, middles, endings. Birth, growth, death. My mother, my daughter, myself. All beautiful. All parts of the whole. The Trinity.

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