This Cracked Me Up (Literally & Figuratively)

I’ve been working on a post that isn’t quite ready yet. So in the interest of keeping my daily posting commitment, I will tell you about something that happened this evening. Since we had no children at home tonight, my husband and I went out for dinner.

It was Saturday night so the restaurant was packed. As we waited to be seated, I spotted my chiropractor and his wife sitting at a table near the bar. As I am still in a wheelchair due to my accident, I had my husband wheel me over to their table. I proceeded to share that I had not been to his office in the past couple of months due to my injuries.

After catching up a bit, he asked if I would like him to give me an adjustment while we were there. I jumped at the opportunity to get some relief from the stiffness that had been increasing in the past few weeks. So we went outside long enough for him to adjust my neck without calling attention to ourselves. We thanked the kind doctor by paying for dinner for him and his wife. (We had their server bring us their check.)

Afterward, my husband and I enjoyed a nice meal together. I enjoyed a quartino of red wine, a salad, and a mixed grill. There was more food than I needed, but it was so good that I kept eating until I was more full than I’ve been in awhile. As I forced in the last bite, I looked at my husband and said, “You’re going to have to roll me out of here!” [rimshot]

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