Not a Typical Post for Me

*This is not a typical post for me.  In my quest to write every day this year, I am completing an assignment that is a bit off topic for me. 

For today’s assignment in the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge, I am referring back to a post I commented on yesterday.  Ben Orlin’s January 9th post entitled American teachers work the hardest. (After Chileans, of course.) caught my eye.  His blog name, Fifty-Five Million, refers to the number of students enrolled in American schools.  The subject matter is American education statistics. 

Although my comment was directly related to the content of the above mentioned post, I was interested in the no-nonsense approach to statistics used by the math teacher/blogger.  As a fellow math teacher, I felt validated by the data showing how hard we work, compared to teachers in other countries.  As a fellow writer, I enjoyed Orlin’s sense of humor, reminding us that “numbers, like hips, don’t lie.”  

Notice I did not include data and humor in the same sentence.  Orlin does just this. If you have a nerdtastic sense of humor, like me, check out his Math with Bad Drawings.  I found it quite entertaining, although the drawings ARE bad.      


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