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Blogger of Repute


Today’s Zero to Hero assignment led me to the Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

I don’t usually write to prompts, partly because I have several posts already in queue, and partly because I have ideas that jump line in my head for varying reasons. Today’s task is fitting, however, as it addresses a topic that I have been mentally working to incorporate into a post.

To address the first question, “Do I have a reputation?”, I’m sure I have several and they differ slightly depending on where you look.

For question number two, I will narrow my focus: “What is it, and where did it come from?” I have a reputation for being driven. It has been called to my attention recently, in negative ways and positive ones. I gained this reputation because I am often embarking on multiple adventures at any given time.

Let me illustrate my point. When my children were young, I became a trained Cub Scout leader, certified soccer coach, and Sunday school teacher.

I’ve obtained endorsements on my driver’s license to drive a day care van and a motorcycle. I have been licensed as a cosmetologist and a school teacher. I was ordained as an elder in the Presbyterian church and served as a Christian Ed director for nearly four years.

When I became obsessed with Zumba, I got certified to teach it. When a former principal asked me to teach ELL, I went to grad school and got my endorsement.

I can’t remember all of the volunteer organizations in which I’ve held leadership positions. I’ve led college study groups, personal growth book studies, goal groups, and business groups.

I’ve owned two direct marketing businesses, a hair salon, and currently am 99% owner of an automation company. (I am the collections department and I have a 100% success rate.)

Because I could not afford an attorney, I drew up my own divorce in 1999. I raised four children with very little help (child support or otherwise).

I overcame stage fright to sing at open mic nights at the famous Bluebird cafe. I write lyrics. I’ve sung in churches, coffee houses, studios, and on t.v. I went to Canada, on my own, to work with a performance coach.

I love to read, and usually have two or three books going at any given time. I also belong to a personal growth group which holds me accountable for the agreements of my choice. I also attend seminars when I can… or help facilitate them.

I could go on, and on, but I won’t. When I was injured in November, I had to step down from after-school tutoring, a well as the private tutoring I was doing. I resigned from volunteer work as a group representative at the district level of the organization, as well as the chair of one of its task forces. Oh, and there was work… couldn’t teach full-time anymore either.

I know I have a tendency to put too much on my plate, but I love to be busy! Although I did promise not to take on any new leadership positions for a while, I do need to keep my mind engaged. So when a fellow teacher asked what I had been doing while I was home recuperating, I did not answer as some might.

Since I am home recovering, I am taking a couple of online courses. I am blogging daily, with the help of the Zero to Hero challenge, and the Yearlong Agreement Group I joined (declining their offer to be a pod leader).

I have participated in 3 webinars, and have completed my newest business plan. I just finished the book, “Getting Past Your Past.” I am still working on three other books simultaneously. Oh, and I work out on Lumosity daily and I’m brushing up on my solitaire skills (usually while I am listening to podcasts of interviews with motivational speakers).

This is all interspersed with taking care of myself, which is certainly more time-consuming than it used to be, physical therapy, doctor and counseling appointments, and hand surgery. When I finished sharing all this with my co-worker, she said, “Only YOU, would make getting hit by a bus productive!”

So… question three, “Is it accurate?” Absolutely!

Four… “What do I think about it?” I think it’s great! Yes, I have to reign myself in once in a while, but when I leave this world, I will have experienced everything I possibly could in the time I had.

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