Help Along the Path



This is another one of those “housekeeping” posts that I’m not all that crazy about, yet I need to get some things squared away.  As part of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge, I have been working at just that… improving my blog.  A few days ago, we were given the task of posting in a format that we don’t usually use.  I chose to use a quote, hence yesterday’s post, “You can be… .  The following day’s assignment was to publish a post inspired by this new format we had used the day before.  (I am actually behind on my assignments, but I wanted to be sure to complete them all.) 

As a result of the former assignment, I have decided that every Wednesday I will use a quote that inspires me.  I dubbed this Wisdom Wednesday… corny, I know.  My initial purpose was to try something new.  Incidentally, I found that I enjoyed sharing a message that was meaningful to me.  In fact, I already have my next two lined up. 

I was also inspired to add some structure to the format of my blog.  I prefer to write personal anecdotes, and with a personal agreement to write every single day, commenting on a quote once a week will lighten my load a bit.  I am even considering adding some other structures.  We shall see…

I will be adding a page of books and other resources that have been helpful to me as well (Help Along My Path), which I will update periodically.  It was drafted for an earlier assignment, and will be posted soon.  Then I will be all caught up… until tomorrow.            

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