Thank You Note to My Husband

Since my accident in November, so many people have stepped up to help me in so many ways.  While I am grateful to them all, I want to take a moment and thank someone who has been beside me every step of the way. 

My husband helped his dad build me a wheelchair ramp when I came home from the hospital, and built me a low stool when my physical therapist recommended it.  He let me take over his recliner, and didn’t complain when I kept him awake moaning and groaning at night.  He tolerated my moves from the recliner, to the couch, to bed, and back to the couch so I could sleep comfortably.      

My husband has taken on all the household duties I am unable to do.  He has managed to work from home with only a couple of exceptions, and has altered his schedule to fit my doctors’ appointments. My husband has bathed me, shaved my legs, and cut my fingernails and toenails. 

My husband does the cooking and washes the dishes.  He washes my hair for me and blows it dry (which I won’t even do for myself).  He does all the shopping and errands (including taking the dog to vet).  He makes sure the kids’ needs are addressed, as well as mine.

I am also grateful that my husband still makes me feel like a wife, in spite of all the things I cannot do.  He knows I love to have fresh cut flowers in the house, so he took over my habit of picking them up with the groceries.  He slips me squares of dark chocolate, and pops popcorn for me. 

Before I was cleared to bear weight, he wheeled me to movies and out to dinner.  When we went out of town for a funeral, he lugged all the devices necessary to make my trip more comfortable (wedges, stool, styrofoam tube, neck pillow).  And before I resumed blogging, he made sure all of my technology needs were met.

I am fortunate to be married to a good man.  Thank you, Kelly, for all you do for me.  I love you.  (I know he will see this because he creeps my page nightly.)    

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