What Would YOU Do?

I’ve become quite adventurous since I hit my forties.  I’ve done many new things I never thought I’d do.  If you peruse my blog you’ll find out what many of those are.  Currently, I am taking an online computer science course, since there is a limit to what I can do physically.

As I was mapping out my February, I began thinking about my next adventures.  I asked myself some questions I have learned through personal growth seminars and self-help books… questions like, “What have I always wanted to do that I haven’t done yet?”  Or, “What would I do if money and time were no object?”  And more recently, “What will I do when I am back to my old self (physically 100%)?”  Throughout my life, this self-questioning has been instrumental in helping me push through my perceived limitations.  So as the first month of the new year comes to a close, I have a question for you…

If you knew you only had months to live, or if money and time were no object, or if you knew you could not fail (whichever is more compelling to you)… what would YOU do?

2 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do?

  1. If money and time were no object, I would build homes for all of my acquaintances who NEED them. I’d pay the property taxes for 10 years in advance. I’d start a business for no real reason, just to give people a place to learn JOB skills. I’d go to Guatemala and roast s’mores over a volcano. (Yes, this CAN be done)

  2. I have a different answer to each of these questions. If I knew I could not fail, I would start my own company and give employment to as many people as I can. If money and time was no object, I would travel more and listen to people who are normally not given any voice, I would write and photograph. If I only had months to live, I would probably move back to Poland to spend as much time as possible with my parents.

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