I bought pink roses today. Folks that know me know I always try to keep fresh flowers on my kitchen table, and I usually brought fresh flowers to work with me on Mondays. Flowers represent the miracle of life.  Any kind, any color… I love flowers! Pink Roses on My Kitchen Table (For more beautiful … More Flowers



I look in the mirror and see a few grey hairs, lines that weren’t there before, and the toll that gravity has taken. In my body, the aches and pains whisper. Sometimes they scream. Scars. Some on the inside… some without. And I’m here. I have breath and life and love. I am grateful.

Why I Walk

On October 6, 2011, my father lost his battle with lung cancer.  Soon after, my sister’s best friend lost her father to lung cancer as well.  The following spring  my sister and her friend suggested that we walk in the Fight for Air Walk to raise money for the American Lung Association.  My step-father had … More Why I Walk

“Buh-bye” To What No Longer Serves Me

Today, my hubby posted these pictures on his Facebook page with the words “Buh-bye ramp!”  I was grateful for my father-in-law’s labor of love (building my wheelchair ramp after my accident) and now it no longer serves me so it is time to let it go.  The day I was cleared to walk, we returned … More “Buh-bye” To What No Longer Serves Me


Today I finished the process to obtain my coaching certification.   I am ecstatic, as this is something I have dreamed of and only recently had the intestinal fortitude to do.  I took what could have been a tragedy (traumatic injury) and used it to create something good (Alchemy-turning base metal into gold).     … More Alchemy