Welcome to Life

During a particularly tough time in my life, I was having a conversation with my dad.  I told him that I felt like I was just making it from crisis to crisis.  I had already grown accustomed to hearing my father telling me, “It’s going to be all right, Baby.”  So his answer was a bit of a surprise.

He said, “Welcome to life!”  He said it without an ounce of negativity.  It was as if he was congratulating me for discovering the key to something wonderful.  And in a way, I was.

What I learned from his response, was to look at what I had once perceived as problems in a different light.  I had always thought of myself as resilient and resourceful, so I began to think of crises as opportunities to exercise my problem solving skills.

While I still experience events in my life that I would not have chosen from the infinite possibilities out there, I have learned to maintain a positive outlook and enjoy each day regardless of what it holds.  So rather than living from crisis to crisis, I live each day as it comes and find the good in every one of them, deal with what needs to be dealt with, and then let it all go until the gift another day arrives.

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