Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

I am noticing that my recovery is not linear.  Today I struggled to get up and get moving.  I managed to make it through an hour and a half of physical therapy.  Initially it was wonderful.  My therapist did some soft tissue work, relieving the tension in my muscles from my previous visit and the headache I endured much of the previous night. She then assigned several exercises that quickly reactivated all the tension she had just relieved.  I then returned home only to struggle to stay awake a short while.  I finally gave in to the exhaustion and slept for two and a half hours.  This evening my husband suggested dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, to which I quickly agreed.  I will complete this post and my day will be essentially done. 

This has been the pattern lately.  If I take a shower, that’s the most physical activity I can endure in one day.  If I go to the store or to run an errand, I’m done.  It is somewhat frustrating for someone who has been used to running at full speed all of her adult life.  I am learning to accept the low energy times, although I do regret the “lost time” until I remember that it isn’t “lost.”  I have to remind myself that these afternoons when I have to recover from therapy or other activities are times my body needs to heal itself.  

Above all else I have to remind myself that I am fortunate that these obstacles I am facing are not permanent.  So I will accept the fact that some days my body’s need for rest will win out over my will to be Wonder Woman.  In the long run, this will ensure that I keep moving forward.  After all, three steps forward and two step back does equal forward movement… one step at a time.


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