14 Things I Love

For Valentine’s Day I made a list of 14 things I love.  (They are in no particular order… unless stream of consciousness qualifies as an order.)   

1.  baby giggles… especially my granddaughter’s

2.  exercising, especially outside

3.  frozen Margaritas

4.  when my kids ask for my advice… and really want it… and take it

5.  reading (especially non-fiction, spiritual, and self-help books)

6.  my family (the whole crazy bunch!)

7.  singing

8.  learning new things

9.  Sunday lunches with my kids

10.  spicy food

11.  when my dog curls up on the couch with me and keeps my feet warm

12.  flowers

13.  swimming pools and beaches

14.  hanging out with my husband 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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