The Ultimate

Today’s prompt on the WordPress Daily Post is Money for Nothing. It is essentially asking bloggers to describe their ultimate job.

I only respond to these prompts occasionally, but this one really struck a chord with me. In fact, my sole purpose for beginning this blog was to begin working toward my ultimate job. My blogs’s title, Help Along the Path, is what I see as my life’s purpose. My current job fulfills this purpose to a degree. But the prompt asks to describe our ultimate job.

In my ultimate job, I help others realize their dreams by walking alongside them as they overcome obstacles, such as fear or a feeling of being stuck. By helping my clients discover what they really want, assisting them in designing a plan of action, and holding them accountable, I help them reach goals they didn’t initially think they could.

As I begin working toward my ultimate job, a full-time career as an Elite Life Coach, I am utilizing the same process I will use with my clients. I’ve already clarified what I want. I have devised a plan of action, and I am putting it into place. Friends are holding me accountable to agreements I’ve made with myself (one of which is posting on this blog daily).

As I embark on this journey, I look forward to the day when I have the freedom that being self-employed affords. (And I have been self-employed, so I understand what this really means.) I also look forward to watching others achieve their wildest dreams… and helping them along the path.

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