Disproportionately Mixed Bag

I waited to post until later today because I was hoping to entitle this one Writer’s Hands, Part 3.   I went to the hand surgeon today, thinking the stitches and pins would be removed from my left pinkie.  The former were, but not the latter.  But I did get the go ahead to remove the splint from my right pinkie. 

I have resisted putting pictures of my finger online because they are quite graphic.  I find them quite fascinating but when I’ve offered to take my splint off and show people what’s underneath, I often get responses like, “That’s all right” or “I’m good.”   So my next “Writer’s Hands” post will have to wait for two more weeks. 

On the other hand (no pun intended but after it came out, I decided to leave it), I was happy to hear that a woman who has been cooking for us every Tuesday would be bringing dinner.  (I still have difficulty cooking because of my hands and because standing for long periods of time is painful.)  I had not received the usual heads up she sends, so I thought we had enjoyed our last meal from her.  Instead we arrived home from my doctor’s appointment to a hot meal of roasted chicken, green beans, and scalloped potatoes.   

And really, when I looked back over the rest of my day, I even more for which I am grateful.  I completed 2 hours of physical therapy this morning, without the usual fatigue that follows.  Afterward, I mailed a coaching contract and assignment to a client.  I completed the last module of an online course I am taking.   I designed my own business cards and ordered some.   I tackled a technology issue that I normally would have asked my husband to show me or do for me.  In spite of my limitations, I was productive today. 

Albeit, I was disappointed that I will still have a splint and pins for two more weeks, I really can’t complain.  This day may have been a mixed bag, but there was much more good than anything else.

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