Connecting in the Blogosphere

I had a different post planned than the one you are now reading.  I have spent some time today reading the writing of fellow bloggers, as I do most every day.  It occurred to me that I have gained as much from reading other blogs, as I have from writing my own. 

I follow several blogs of differing subject matter.  Some of the topics I would not have sought out, but another blogger recommended the read.  Sometimes I am led to other bloggers’ sites because they make compelling comments on something else I am reading.  At any rate, my horizons are forever broadening.

Even more than reading the work of other bloggers, I have enjoyed connecting with them.  I have quoted writers whom I respect and whose work inspires me.  I have had some “moments” with other bloggers in the form of shared experiences, stimulating discussions, and giving and receiving sincere compliments.  So while I began writing for a variety of reasons, the gratification I get from connecting with other bloggers was a bit of serendipity.   

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