Today I finished the process to obtain my coaching certification.   I am ecstatic, as this is something I have dreamed of and only recently had the intestinal fortitude to do.  I took what could have been a tragedy (traumatic injury) and used it to create something good (Alchemy-turning base metal into gold).    

Tomorrow, I embark on a journey I had begun 2 weeks before my accident in November.  I planned to optimize my health through an exercise and eating regimen that I abandoned when my accident prompted me to accept meals prepared by caring souls whom I would not ask to meet all of my dietary needs (although they did a great job of keeping me Gluten free).  It is time to reinstate my transformation.

I am also happy to celebrate my son-in-law’s 24th birthday.  He and my daughter dated for several years before they married in November of 2012.  I have watched him grow from an unsure teenager to an admirable young man that I am grateful to have as my daughter’s helpmeet.  (My oldest son’s birthday was on Wednesday, making it a week full of celebrations.)   

To top the day off, today I was asked to write for an organization I support.  I nonchalantly shared my experience with them, and later they asked me if would share my story.  I am finally beginning to feel like a real writer, even though I know the only thing necessary for me to be a writer is that I write.   



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