Surprise! (Phoneography Challenge)


This photograph was taken outside of Turoni’s in Evansville, Indiana. We were attending a surprise birthday party and were surprised with all the snow when we left. Taken with my iPhone 5S. Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens. Week 4: Challenger’s Choice: Night Photography.

11 thoughts on “Surprise! (Phoneography Challenge)

  1. The image has its own surprises: lighting against the top of the building, the ethereal quality of the capture, and the element of the weather as mood for night photography. All those elements draw me into it. Happy Phoneography Challenge.


  2. Love this photo. It feels fresh with the lights having different brightness levels. The empty street makes the snow falling feel personal! I wish we had some snow in UK, none this season!


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I was taken by the scene and just snapped it. Only after the fact did I decide to use it for the challenge. (I live further south and we don’t usually get much snow either.)


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