Day of Rest

I was dreading setting the clock back to standard time today, since we “lose” an hour.  As it turns out, I didn’t lose a thing.  Hubby and I stayed in bed late since we had no children at home.  Once I was up and moving, I went outside for a walk, which I’ve only recently been able to do.  It was much slower and shorter than my walks used to be, but an outdoors walk nonetheless.  Although it was a bit chilly, the sun and fresh air were invigorating.  When I returned home, I fixed myself a delicious, nutrition packed smoothie.  Then I settled in for a day of reading, mostly on spirituality and health, and a few blogs.  I stopped long enough to fix a quick dinner for my husband and myself.  Afterward, I went back to my reading.

I am still building my stamina since my accident, so when I became tired I simply retired to the couch for a nap.  (There was a time when “nap” wasn’t in my vocabulary.  Now it is a regularly used term.)  At some point, it dawned on me that I was very relaxed.

Relaxation is something I had great difficulty experiencing six months ago.  I was always in hyper-drive.  My naturopath told me I had no low gear.  My adrenal glands were shot.  If I sat still for more than a few minutes, I fell asleep.  Of course, I didn’t ever sit still for very long.  I was up at 4 or 5 o’clock and didn’t stop moving until I went to bed, at which point I was utterly exhausted.

Today, as I sit in a virtually silent house, I feel the calm inside my body and mind.  I enjoy simple pleasures like a long shower in the middle of the day and I don’t feel guilty for what I’m not getting done.  I know that rejuvenating myself this way will allow me to accomplish what needs to be done later without robbing myself of the joy of simply living and being.

One thought on “Day of Rest

  1. Not that I would wish an accident on anyone, but it feels to me like you may have ignored the whispered messages the universe was giving you (slow down my child, there is always time) so got whooped upside the head (the accident) and forced to slow down.

    Sorry if that’s not as gentle as I mean it to be. I am surely not intending to downplay the hurt and pain and struggle of coming back. I just have a (bad) habit of looking for the positive outcome of any negative, and yours seems to be: you are now able to relax and enjoy your moments.

    The question becomes, will I take the hint whispered by the universe to me by reading your story, and slow my own damn self down!


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