Insomnia and Infomercials

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I have several drafts I am working on for future posts, but there are just times I want to write about something else.  I hit “inspire me” on WordPress today and the questions above popped up on my screen.  

It instantly reminded me of something that happened several years ago.  It certainly wasn’t earth shattering in itself, but it started a chain of events that have created my life path.  

I was twenty-something, depressed, and felt stuck.  My two young children were my universe, but I was overweight, married to the wrong person for me, and unsure of the career direction I wanted to take (among other things).  

Due to my depression, insomnia was a constant problem.  Television was one of the few things that would put me to sleep and because I didn’t have cable, I frequently fell asleep watching infomercials.  

In the wee hours of one morning, a young Anthony Robbins was promoting his new program, Unlimited Power.  I was fascinated that this go-getter described his earlier life much the way I would have described my own.  My goal here isn’t to go into his work, but to point out that this was a turning point for me.  

I couldn’t afford the program… or even his book, so I went to my local library and borrowed the book the next day.  I could not read it quickly enough.  Since then, I have been into self-help like some people are into shoes, or clothes, or cars.  I began reading every self-improvement book I could find and eventually would attend seminars and join communities of people who were working on themselves.  I believe this has created a quality of life that I would not have enjoyed had I not been channel surfing my whopping four channels that night.  We never know how one little action will affect the trajectory of our lives.     

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