May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

October 2013, Deal's Gap
October 2013, Deal’s Gap

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.  The National Highway Traffic Commission urges, “Safe riding practices, helmet use and cooperation from all drivers will reduce fatalities and injuries on our nation’s highways.”  Read their consumer advisory here.

The picture above was taken last fall on the anniversary motorcycle trip that my husband and I take every October.  When I was injured in November, some folks thought it was in a motorcycle crash.  I never dreamed I would be hit by a bus while walking to my car.  You never know what is going to happen, and it’s not always the things for which you prepare.  So for now, I am unable to ride, but I want others to be aware that lots of other people will be out there riding.  So watch out for them.

When we do ride my husband and I always wear full gear, no matter the temperature.  And we always assume that other people on the road aren’t looking out for us.   Unfortunately many aren’t.  If you are a rider, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and the twisties.  If you aren’t… please “share the road.”

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