Almost Graduation

Cake for my son and his girlfriend's "completed 13 years of school party."
Cake for my son and his girlfriend’s “completed 13 years of school party.”

My son and his girlfriend would have graduated from high school today except that they both are going to have to make up some credits.  My son failed Algebra II, which he will be taking this summer.  His girlfriend moved from another state with different graduation requirements, so she will be completing a PE requirement  as well as a History credit.

The line on top of the cake, “Look out world, here they come!” was my idea (in lieu of “Congratulations Grads!”).  The books with the stumbling block subjects on the binding was her mother’s idea.  (My aren’t we a clever pair?)  We still wanted to mark this occasion, since she had no control over the situation, and he struggled to get through high school at all.  We wanted to celebrate our soon-to-be grads.  So we did!


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