4 Steps for Squelching Self-Doubt

When I am striving to create change in my life, self-doubt often shows up to express its opinion.  Lately I have been using a process to keep the doubt in check.  It is simple and is helping me form new beliefs about myself.  

4 Steps for Squelching Self-Doubt:  

For example, if I were shy (and, I’m not) and I wanted to become outgoing, this is the process I would use to counteract the disempowering thoughts that might keep me from creating lasting change.

First, I acknowledge the commentary as a statement of past fact.  The operative word here is “past.”  So I might say to myself, “I used to be shy…”  If I don’t acknowledge what once was, it feels as if I am denying the truth.  This makes it more difficult to believe any new truth I am trying to create.

Secondly, I replace the old fact with the new “truth.”  This is what I really want to create.  I say it in the present tense, as if it is already so.  “I used to be shy, but now I enjoy getting out and meeting new people.” 

Next, I look for evidence in my life to support this new idea.  It can be something seemingly insignificant, but must support my new goal.  Maybe I recall a time when I introduced myself to a new neighbor, or a time when I spoke up in a group.

Lastly, I take some small action to reinforce the new truth.  In this example, I might strike up a conversation with a stranger in the grocery store.  The more I do this last step, the more evidence I will be able to call upon, and the more this becomes my new reality.  

At first, the self-doubt cranks up the volume because it sees I am threatening the old comfortable pattern.  But after a while, the new pattern becomes more true for me and the voice of doubt becomes quieter.  Sometimes it even goes away.  Once in a while, it creeps up out of nowhere just to see if I am paying attention.  I then go through this process to remind myself of my new truth.  The next time you have a disempowering thought, try this little process.  It will help you squelch self-doubt. 

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